Zubin Balaporia

Email: zubinb3@gmail.com  

Mob +91 98201 49335


For over 30 years Zubin Balaporia has performed as Keyboardist and full time member of the cult Indian Rock band INDUS CREED (formerly known as ROCK MACHINE) Touring the world has given him the opportunity to visit many a strange town which has fueled a wanderlust with an edge for extreme adventure.

In 2013 when on a visit to the former concentration camps of Auschwitz & Birkenau, he was so taken by what he saw, that an urge to photo-document his trips was born. Since then, photography has become an addictive passion and trips to the Amazon, the jungles of Laos, ethnic villages of Ladakh, a trip to the icy Arctic Circle and Siberia have followed.

Through the Lens and his Photographic Prints, he would like his pictures to teleport viewers to places & faces that he himself has visited.